These represent just some of CI’s UK projects:
Click on name for more information (source CACI 2006)
Centre:mk Milton Keynes * 120,750 sq m
Arndale Centre, Manchester 116,129 sq m
Frenchgate Centre, Doncaster 74,320 sq m
Arndale Centre, Luton 70,049 sq m
Cwmbran, Wales 67,400 sq m
Spindles/Town Sq, Oldham 45,523 sq m
County Square Ashford * 43,014 sq m
Eastgate Centre, Inverness 38,090 sq m
Grafton Centre, Cambridge * 30,019 sq m
Broad St Mall, Reading* 36,185 sq m
St Nicholas Centre, Sutton * 32,515 sq m
Fosse Park, Leicester * 29,000 sq m
Whiteleys Bayswater 26,012 sq m
Hill Street, Middlesbrough * 20,903 sq m
Pavillion Central, Birmingham * 13,006 sq m
The Exchange, Putney* 12,077 sq m
The Brunswick Centre, London * 12,000 sq m
Grafton Centre, Cambridge
The Grafton Centre is located away from the historic heart of Cambridge, but an extension featuring the first new format Bhs store turned it into a destination able to compete on equal terms with the city centre, with its 70 stores, several eateries, & a multiscreen cinema. While the city provides for the wider visitor/tourist audience the Grafton Centre has become the centre for the people of Cambridge The city’s favourite shopping centre. It now boasts some of the top performing stores in the region & welcomes in excess of 13 million visitors every year.